October 2011 – Kristopher MacDowall

I just wanted to get Donna Williams added to Yelp because she has been the best Realtor I have ever met. I just finally closed on a house last Monday and the process started way back in April. Through every hickup and bump that we hit along the way…1 of which was on my side of things with financing, and the rest of which were on the seller’s side with various other things, she has been there for me and constantly and consistently offered everything from words of encouragement to gems of advice.

We had to go out on at least 3 different occasions to look at homes and on each occasion we spent an entire day with her and looked at anywhere between 7 and 13 homes until we found the right one. Never once did she express any frustration, nor at any time was she condescending about the fact that we wanted to find just the right place, but were working with a limited budget. She has put in more hours for us than her commission could EVER cover and it’s appreciated on so many levels.

I will never use anyone else to find a home if/when we move again…and throughout this process I’ve not only learned a great deal from a realtor, but gained a friend as well.